Home Additions and Screen Porches Adding Custom Additions to Your Home in Boone, NC

Home Additions in Boone

When you own a home in Boone, NC, but need more space, Mike Lockhart Construction is the local home builder who can build that addition for you.  Whether you are adding to or renovating your existing floor plan, Mike will complete your improvement project on time and within budget.  Mike’s collaborative process ensures he understands your aesthetic and functionality needs and delivers your new space as envisioned.

Mike’s 20 years of contracting experience, combined with his knowledgeable crew of construction professionals, results in quality-built additions and beautiful remodels.  Whether you are going up or out with an addition, Mike’s understanding of Boone’s local building codes and permit requirements makes the home addition process seamless.

Premium Home Additions Transform Your Space

You love your home, but it no longer meets your lifestyle needs. Keep what you love and improve what you have. There is no need to move when Mike Lockhart Construction can creatively improve your home to meet your new way of life.  Whether you want to expand your home’s original footprint or transform its style or layout, Mike’s commitment to listening to your needs will be evident in your remodeled home

If you want to add space to your home but want the new space to integrate with your existing home, Mike will fuse the design of your addition with your existing home so that it looks like a natural extension of your home.  He will build it to look like it was part of the original house, matching existing doors, trim, fixtures, siding, knobs, and other features and finishes.

Mike will meet with you throughout the remodeling process to ensure he understands and meets your vision for creating your dream space while meeting all Boone building codes.  Whether your remodel includes an in-law suite, guest cottage, or office space above a garage, Mike’s knowledge and understanding of local building requirements will be evident throughout the process.

A New Space for Your Home

If you want a complete style change, Mike Lockhart Construction can transform your space and add value to your home by giving it the update you have been waiting for.  Mike’s attention to detail and craftsmanship will ensure your finished remodel or addition meets your expectations, bringing your dream space to reality.

Stylish and modern living space, open and airy, or sectioned off for business or privacy, Mike Lockhart enhances your home to fit your lifestyle. Start discovering the possibilities and contact us for a free estimate.  Let Mike Lockhart Construction deliver the home you have been dreaming of!

Let the Building Journey Begin!

Our experienced team is ready to guide you through the home-building and home renovation process.  As you begin or continue your journey in the beautiful city of Boone, with all that it offers,  Mike Lockhart Construction will build a custom home uniquely designed for you.

Contact us for a free estimate and consultation.  We look forward to being part of your journey, where your dream home becomes a reality!

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