New Construction Building Custom Homes in Boone, NC

Building New Homes in Boone, NC

Mike Lockhart Construction specializes in new home construction in Boone NC. We understand that building your home can be a complex and challenging process, especially when you’re living out of state. That’s why we specialize in helping out-of-state customers build locally, with a commitment to simplifying every step of the construction journey.

Through Every Step of the New Build Process,Mikelockhart Construction Is There To:

  • Assess the project scope and associated costs
  • Review and obtain all required permits, schedule all inspections, and ensure all permits are closed out.
  • Work closely with qualified subcontractors (foundation, grading, roofing, and more
  • Verify all project stages are completed with the required quality of workmanship before moving on to the next project milestone.
  • Complete a final punch list and deliver a professionally cleaned house you will call home for years!

On Schedule and in Budget

Mike Lockhart’s craftsmen and trade partners have been part of his team for many years.  Mike knows the only way to get quality and timely craftsmanship is to treat his employees and subcontractors respectfully and fairly.  Having a dependable team means projects get completed on schedule and within budget.

There are no surprises when Mike Lockhart Construction builds your new home.  There is daily communication and transparency with all aspects of the project.  Mike understands building a home is a dynamic process, allowing for modifications from the original plan.  Mike Lockhart and his team will ensure your expectations are met while keeping you aware of the impact any requested or required alterations may have on your budget and timeline.  He listens to your needs and brings your ideas to life!

Out of Town Not Out of Touch

We ensure you will see all the construction milestones.  Not in town? Not a problem.  Mike Lockhart will ensure you receive updated photos and videos of your home build to ensure all design and construction marks meet your expectations.  Can’t be in Boone to make material selections? Mike and his team will assist you in choosing:

  • Cabinets
  • Tile
  • Paint Colors
  • Finishes

With 20 years of contracting experience, Mike has many established resources for securing materials.  He also understands how the supply chain can impact a project.  He will livestream selections and consult with you, utilizing his experience and insight to match your desired aesthetic and functionality with suitable quality products.

Delivering design, function, and aesthetics on time and within budget sets Mike Lockhart Construction apart from other Boone builders.  Whether you are in Boone or out of state during your home construction, Mike and his team will ensure your project runs smoothly and your expectations are met!

New Home Means Custom Home

Mike Lockhart Construction builds stick-built homes.  Each new home project is unique.  This impacts the time frame and costs associated with completing a project.   Mike Lockhart Construction offers creative flexibility to ensure your personal style preferences and functionality requirements are captured in your new home.   He builds specialty rooms, including theatre, wine, and entertainment spaces, and offices.   With any customization requests, Mike always considers timeline, finish levels, and budget requirements in fulfilling those requests.  Mike will always keep you informed on all aspects of your home build.

Smart Homes by Mike Lockhart

Do you want your new home to be a Smart Home?  If you wish, Mike Lockhart incorporates the latest home technology systems into your home.  Whether Boone is your permanent or part-time home, you can be assured it can be easily managed when you are home or away.  Control your home’s heating and cooling, lighting, and security with Smart features built into your new custom home.

We can’t wait to see you move into your new quality-built home, enjoying the lifestyle waiting for you in Boone, NC.

Let the Building Journey Begin!

Our experienced team is ready to guide you through the home-building and home renovation process.  As you begin or continue your journey in the beautiful city of Boone, with all that it offers,  Mike Lockhart Construction will build a custom home uniquely designed for you.

Contact us for a free estimate and consultation.  We look forward to being part of your journey, where your dream home becomes a reality!

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